22W PoE to USB-C Adapter

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PoE Adapter with USB-C: Simplified Power and Connectivity

The PoE (Power over Ethernet) adapter with a USB-C interface is designed to provide seamless power and data transfer. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple cables and adapters and embrace a single USB-C solution for your tablet and iPad power needs.

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  • LAN Port
  • USB-C Port

PoE Compliance

  • IEEE802.3at

Pass Through Data Rate

  • 100 Mbps


  • 5V=2.6A 9V=1.75A 15V=1.37A 20V=1.15A 12V=1.45A
  • 22W (Max)


  • 44-57Vdc

Mechanical Characteristics

  • Case: Plastic
  • Color: White
  • Size: 91mm X 51mm X 18,5mm
  • Weight: 200g
22W PoE to USB-C Adapter
22W PoE to USB-C Adapter 22W PoE to USB-C Adapter 22W PoE to USB-C Adapter 22W PoE to USB-C Adapter 22W PoE to USB-C Adapter
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Simplify your power and data needs with this USB-C PoE Adapter, your all-in-one solution for USB-C-connected tablets and iPads.

Efficient Power Delivery

This adapter follows the IEEE802.3at standard, offering versatile power supply options, including 5V/2.6A, 9V/1.75A, 12V/1.45A, 15V/1.37A, and 20V/1.15A. Keep your devices charged and ready with optimal power delivery.

Fast and Reliable Data Transfer

Experience reliable 100Mbps Internet data transfer alongside power delivery, ensuring a stable network connection for your devices.

Sleek and Portable Design

The adapter features a compact white plastic case, making it easy to carry on your desktop or secure in place for use. Its input and output voltage levels stay within the safe range of 57V, eliminating the need for additional electrical protection. Plus, the product has obtained EU CE certification for added peace of mind.

Plug and Play Convenience

This device seamlessly integrates into wired network environments that support IEEE802.3at, requiring no complex configuration. Simply plug it in, and it's ready to provide continuous power and a stable network connection to low-power mobile devices like mobile phones, game consoles, and tablet computers.