About us

Tabletpro is a specialist in professional tablet and iPad enclosures for business use. With our knowledge and experience we can provide our customers with advise about the use of tablets for professional purposes. You can think of the application of tablets at fairs and other events, for permanent installation in offices and buildings and for commercial purposes such as multichannel and point-of-sale. 

History Tabletpro

In 2011, when it became clear that tablets would become more and more for business purposes, Tabletpro was founded. Apple became more famous and the ease of use and versatility of iPads made this product very suitable for commercial applications. Tabletpro quickly developed as a specialist in the field of secure tablet housings, suitable for business use such as in shops, showrooms, restaurants, etc.

Specialist tablet enclosures

As a supplier of tablet and iPad enclosures, Tabletpro supplies products to international customers such as restaurants, hotels, stand builders, government, municipalities, service providers, educational institutions and retail stores. Thanks to our focus on the business market, we have built up a large and loyal customer base ranging from small companies and start-ups to large multinationals. Although the possibilities of tablets are almost unlimited, we are often able to advise our customers based on the experience we have with other customers.

You can count on us!

You can contact us for both sale and rental. Do you have a one-off large event where you want to provide visitors with iPads? We are happy to help you. You can  rightly call us perfectionists. In everything we do, we think about how our customers will experience it. The products and packaging are automatically in excellent condition and we only sell products that we support for 100%. If you rent products from us, we will gladly pre-install the tablets for you and deliver them personally to you. You can reach us by phone almost day and night. In short: you can count on us!