Kensington ClickSafe 2.0 Cable Lock

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One click to secure your Heckler design or  Bouncepad mount. The Kensington Click Safe Keyed Lock is designed for effortless protection of computers and your most important data. Locks attach to hardware in a single step. Just one click and it’s secure. There’s no need for employees to insert a key or follow multiple steps. Click Safe combines a cable made from superior materials with a tamper-proof, disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock. Cable is 1.5 m long, 5 mm thick, and carbon strengthened for extra protection.

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  • Length 1,5 m
  • Diameteter 5 mm


0,2 kg


Steel cable, carbon 

Kensington ClickSafe 2.0 Cable Lock
Kensington ClickSafe 2.0 Cable Lock Kensington ClickSafe 2.0 Cable Lock
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Smaller, Uncompromised Lock Head.

Designed to fit sleeker laptops, POS systems and a wide variety of other devices, the fully rotating head provides all the strength and anti-theft features you’d come to expect from the industry leader in physical device security.