sCharge PoE FIT: USB-C Power and Data Connection Solution

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The sCharge PoE FIT is a groundbreaking power and data connection solution, tailored specifically for iPads with a USB-C port and other tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy TAB equipped with a USB-C port. This versatile device ensures continuous power supply and a reliable data connection in any environment - from professional workplaces to smart homes - while hiding all cabling within the wall for a tidy appearance.

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  • Height 57 mm
  • Width 44 mm
  • Depth 35 mm


  • 70 g

Delivers up to

  • 25W power
  • 95 Mbps data


  • 0.3 meter USB-C to USB-C cable

Requires PoE+ injector, or IEEE 802.3at power

sCharge PoE FIT: USB-C Power and Data Connection Solution
sCharge PoE FIT: USB-C Power and Data Connection Solution sCharge PoE FIT: USB-C Power and Data Connection Solution
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Revolutionize Your Tablet Experience

The sCharge PoE FIT goes beyond just charging your device. It delivers a reliable LAN internet connection, facilitating a seamless tablet experience. Simply connect the sCharge to a PoE+ injector or an IEEE 802.3at power source, mount it into a 60mm recessed box, and link it to your tablet via the provided USB-C cable. This sleek design ensures that the device and all cables stay concealed behind the mount, preserving your tablet's modern aesthetics.

Compatibility and Aesthetic Appeal

This version of the sCharge PoE FIT is particularly compatible with iPads and other tablets equipped with a USB-C port, like the Samsung Galaxy TAB. With its perfect blend of functionality, design, and utility, the sCharge PoE FIT becomes an essential accessory for your device.

Potential Applications

Whether you're looking to maintain an always-on tablet for home automation, or manage meeting room schedules in a business environment, the sCharge PoE FIT is the perfect solution. It keeps your device powered and connected for smooth, uninterrupted operation, eliminating any hindrance to your productivity.

Uninterrupted, Reliable Performance

The sCharge PoE FIT is a must-have for any tablet user requiring a consistent power supply. It keeps your tablet charged throughout the day, putting an end to frequent recharging hassles and offering the convenience of continuous use. Combined with a tablet wall mount, it creates a sleek and efficient solution, boosting your productivity at work or enhancing your smart home experience.