Tabdoq wallmount iPad Mini 4/5

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This stylish Tabdoq wall mount for your iPad Mini 4/5 fits neatly into any decor, thanks to its simple yet modern design. The Tabdoq wall mount safely secures your iPad, so it can be used as advertising screen, connecting with your clients, or simply as a control panel for your smart home devices. 

This iPad wall mount is designed for commercial use. This makes the Tabdoq very suitable for use in a classroom, office, hotel, or any other semi-public space.

Compatible with the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 5

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  • Lentgh 25,5 cm
  • Heigth 17,5 cm
  • Width 4 cm


2 kg


Powdercoat steel & synthetic material

Is delivered including

  • Manual
  • Assembly tools
Tabdoq wallmount iPad Mini 4/5
Tabdoq wallmount iPad Mini 4/5 Tabdoq wallmount iPad Mini 4/5 Tabdoq wallmount iPad Mini 4/5 Tabdoq wallmount iPad Mini 4/5
Product informatie

Presenting your digital content on the wall. This Tabdoq iPad wall mount is highly durable, and designed for business use, such as presenting your website or products in retail or at conventions. The Tabdoq wall mount could also be utilized as a digital control panel for your social media, Spotify, Philips Hue, and other smart home applications.

iPad Mini wall mount

Thanks to the high quality powder coating, this wall mount is fingerprint proof, keeping its appearance as clean as ever. Even after extensive use. The Tabdoq wall mount helps your iPad get the appeal it deserves, in a styleful and secure manner.

Stylish wall mount

This, in the Netherlands designed and produced, Tabdoq wall mount is made for business use in commercial spaces, with eye for design and security. The Tabdoq is made from high quality steel, finished with a fingerprint proof powder coat, so that the Tabdoq maintains its clean and modern appearance, even after extensive use. The wall mount does not block WiFi, bluetooth, or 3/4G connection.

Mounting options

The Tabdoq iPad case can be mounted both horizontally (landscape), and vertically (portrait) on the wall mount. The case basically sandwiches your iPad between two steel plates, which can be connected with special tamper proof screws (special key is included). Naturally, this security method does not damage the iPad. Foam padding on the inside keeps your iPad in place, and out of harm's way.(/p)

Customization and branding

The Tabdoq table stands are also available as table stand, or for iPad and other tablets. Still can’t find your tablet, or do you desire a different modification? We have experience with a wide variety of deployment scenarios that required custom solutions. Thanks to the flexibility of the Tabdoq brand, we can easily adjust the configurations of the mount, and develop according to your needs. Furthermore, the color and texture can be adjusted, and there are many different branding options as well.

For any desired modifications or questions, feel free to contact us.