Tabdoq tablet floor kiosk

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The new Tabdoq tablet floor kiosk is designed for commercial use in public spaces. This professional tablet floor mount is perfectly suited to present your digital content at conventions, shops, hospitals, offices, showrooms, and virtually any other semi-public space. The tablet floor kiosk is available for many popular Samsung tablets, including the new Galaxy TAB A8 and TAB S8.

Pros and cons

+  This tablet floor kiosk is made in Europe
+  The packaging contains only cardboard, no plastics
+  USB cable is included 
+  Very stable thanks to the weighted base
-  The floor kiosk can not be attached to the floor with screws

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  • Width: 34,4 cm
  • Depth: 30,0 cm
  • Height: 115 cm
  • Weight: 9 kg


Available for

  • Samsung Galaxy TAB A7 10.4-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB A8 10.5-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB S7 11-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB S8 11-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB S7+ 12.4-inch
  • Samsung Galaxy TAB S8+ 12.4-inch
  • Also available for iPad


In the box

  • Base
  • Lower stand section
  • Upper stand section
  • Two connectors
  • Tablet case
  • 2 m. cable
  • Assembly tools
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Product informatie

Elevate Your Presentation with Samsung Galaxy TAB S8

For those seeking a larger display, our tablet floor stand is compatible with the Galaxy TAB S8 and the larger Galaxy TAB S8+ 12.5-inch. The Galaxy TAB S8+ excels at presenting extensive information, especially when mounted in portrait mode. With the Tabdoq floor kiosk, your content will be delivered with precision and impact. Plus, the floor kiosk comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable included for easy connectivity.

Stability and Style Combined

The Tabdoq tablet floor kiosk features a weighted base, providing exceptional stability and resistance to movement and accidental bumps. The carefully designed base ensures it doesn't protrude too far, allowing users to approach the display comfortably and engage with your content effortlessly.

Cable Management Made Easy

Presentation continuity is crucial, and the Tabdoq floor stand understands the importance of keeping your iPad powered without the eyesore of messy cables. With intelligent cable management, the floor stand guides the charging cable through the inside of the mount, keeping it neatly out of sight. Your display remains clean, professional, and clutter-free.

Convenient Transport and Assembly

Transporting the Tabdoq floor kiosk is a breeze. The base and iPad casing can be easily dismounted from the stand using the included assembly tools. The central pole of the stand can be divided into two parts, allowing for effortless disassembly. Whether you're on the go or need to relocate your display, the Tabdoq floor kiosk offers convenience and flexibility.

Sustainable Packaging for a Greener Future

We care about the environment. That's why our packaging is designed with sustainability in mind. Despite the weight of the product, we've prioritized secure packaging using only cardboard. By utilizing a smart system of ribbed cardboard, we ensure the components of the kiosk are protected during transport without relying on plastic materials. Feel confident knowing that all packaging can be easily disposed of in the paper bin, contributing to a greener future.

Elevate your digital content display with the Tabdoq Tablet Floor Kiosk. Experience the perfect blend of style, stability, and convenience, tailored to meet the demands of commercial environments and public spaces. Showcase your content with confidence and make a lasting impression on your target audience.