Compact and Fully Adjustable Tablet Desk Mount - Grip-DD140

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The Grip-DD140 is a compact and fully adjustable tablet desk mount that provides a comfortable and convenient setup for your team to interact with their tablets or iPads. Its 140mm carbon fiber mounting arm makes the Grip-DD140 both strong and lightweight, while its adjustable tray accommodates all tablets, including the iPad Mini and iPad Pro. With three points of articulation, the mount allows you to adjust the tablet to the perfect height and angle for comfortable use. Setting up the Grip-DD140 is easy, with detailed instructions and fixings provided, making it an excellent choice for any workspace.

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Compact and Fully Adjustable Tablet Desk Mount - Grip-DD140
Compact and Fully Adjustable Tablet Desk Mount - Grip-DD140
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Utility Line Grip-DD140: Your Compact and Fully Adjustable iPad and Tablet Desk Mount

Introducing the Utility Line Grip-DD140, the perfect solution for securely mounting your iPad or tablet on your desk. This compact and fully adjustable desk mount offers unparalleled versatility and convenience for users of all kinds.

Lightweight Carbon Fibre Mounting Arm for Maximum Reach

Experience the benefits of our lightweight 140mm carbon fibre mounting arm, providing a maximum reach of 335mm. This durable material ensures strength and longevity, even with heavy daily use.

Enhanced Flexibility with 3 Points of Articulation

With the Utility Line Grip-DD140, you have complete control over your tablet's position and angle. Thanks to its three points of articulation, you can effortlessly adjust it to your desired orientation, whether it's portrait or landscape mode, ensuring an optimal ergonomic interaction.

Effortless Positioning with 3 Toggle Clamps

No more struggling to find the perfect position for your tablet. Our desk mount features three easy-to-use toggle clamps that allow for seamless and precise adjustments. Achieve the ideal viewing angle effortlessly.

Universal Compatibility with All Tablets and iPads

Don't worry about compatibility issues. The Utility Line Grip-DD140 is designed to work seamlessly with all tablet and iPad models, accommodating screen sizes ranging from 7 to 12 inches. Whether you own an iPad Mini, iPad Pro, or any other major tablet brand, this mount has got you covered.

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation

Say goodbye to the hassle of hiring a handyman for installation. Our step-by-step instructions make setting up the Utility Line Grip-DD140 a breeze. Enjoy a fuss-free installation process and start using your desk mount in no time.

Adaptable to Your Content: Portrait and Landscape Modes

Our versatile desk mount allows you to effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes, ensuring that it perfectly suits the needs of your content. Whether you're browsing the web, reading documents, or watching videos, the Utility Line Grip-DD140 adapts to your preferences.

Upgrade your tablet experience today with the Utility Line Grip-DD140, the ultimate compact and fully adjustable iPad and tablet desk mount. Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and ergonomic benefits it offers for a seamless workflow and enhanced productivity.