Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall

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Create an ideal home for all your video meeting devices with Video Meeting Kit. This accessory for your Heckler AV Wall creates an attractive focal point in your meeting rooms that has the presence of modern furniture without occupying precious room space or floor space.

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  • H801

In the box

  • Shelf
  • Device panel with hook & loop strap
  • Fabric cover
  • Side bracket set
  • Assembly hardware

Dimensions shelf

  • Width: 119,4 cm
  • Heigth: 16,4 cm
  • Depth: 7,6 cm

Dimensions fabric cover

  • Width: 144,8 cm
  • Heigth: 119,4 cm
  • Depth: 2,5 cm

Dimensions device panel

  • Width: 115,7 cm
  • Heigth: 30,8 cm
  • Depth: 1,5 cm

Total weight

  • 34,5 kg
Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall
Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall
Product informatie

Designed to work together.

With Video Meeting Kit added to your Heckler AV Wall Structure, you’re ready to mount your camera atop its shelf and conveniently store and organize cables and devices behind its eye-catching front panel. The kit is designed to mount in front of your pre-existing wall outlets to create a clean look and to eliminate the need to call an electrician. Every element of the kit works in harmony to empower your video meeting system deployments.

Designed to fit together.

Quickly install your Video Meeting Kit without tools. Every element easily slides into place using Heckler AV Wall’s hidden slot system.

Designed for eye contact.

Install Video Meeting Kit at a height to create a comfortable eye-line with your camera. And Video Meeting Kit redefines the ADA guide path in your rooms to enable ADA compliance when placing larger camera systems at eye-line. Designed for rack-mounted components. Tucked neatly behind its front panel are two, 1RU 19-inch rack-mount locations - perfect for power distribution and other 1RU and half-rack components.

Designed to tame the mess.

With Video Meeting Kit’s Device Panel you can mount and organize small devices and cables from the comfort of a table top in your office. Strap everything to the aluminum grid pattern using the provided hook & loop straps and buckles. Got VESA-mountable accessories like mini PCs? Great. Device Panel also features a grid of VESA-compatible M4 holes so you can fasten components directly to the panel. When your panel is ready to deploy, simply hang it to any Heckler AV Wall Structure.

Designed to impress.

While Heckler AV Wall solves many technical challenges, its greatest strength is its looks. A beautifully sculpted, fabric-wrapped panel adds a premium, modern focal point in your meeting spaces. Heckler AV Wall has the presence of furniture, without needlessly occupying precious floorspace. And your IT and AV team will be impressed with how easy the panel installs and how easy it is for them to access their gear.

Designed for uptime.

End-users. Gotta love 'em. But their willingness to troubleshoot your video meeting gear can do more harm than good. So we’ve included a locking feature on the front panel to keep your configurations exactly as you built them. Just add your favorite small padlock.

Designed to complement.

The best collaboration spaces have personality. To help you create personality, we offer Video Meeting Kit with a white or black grey shelf and a front panel wrapped in premium Maharam fabrics in five modern colors.

Designed for easy shipping.

Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall can be shipped via small package carriers just about anywhere in the world. Perfect for global standardization for all of your meeting spaces. Have a mass deployment? Up to ten Video Meeting Kits can be efficiently shipped on a single pallet.

Designed to reconfigure.

Video Meeting Kit is one of an ever-growing set of accessories for Heckler AV Wall. As your meeting spaces evolve, you’ll be ready to reconfigure them quickly and easily with the latest technology.