Heckler AV Wall Structure

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Heckler AV Wall Structure is engineered to transfer the weight of your equipment to the floor, not the wall. This eliminates the need to reinforce walls in preparation of video meeting system deployments. Your investment stays in your hardware, not leased office space.

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  • H800

Carrying capacity

  • 159 kg


  • Displays with VESA pattern of 300, 350, 400, 600, 800, or 900 mm

In the box

  • Heckler AV wall structute
  • One set of display-mounting rails
  • Cable guides
  • Wall anchoring hardware
  • Display mounting hardware


  • Width: 194,7 cm
  • Heigth: 127,6 cm
  • Depth: 4,4 cm
  • Weight: 28,6 kg
Heckler AV Wall Structure
Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure Heckler AV Wall Structure
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Support for your mass-deployments

Heckler AV Wall Structure is carefully designed to be easily installed by anyone. Whether you put your construction crew, AV integrator, furniture installer, or local office staff to the task, they will enjoy a safe, simple, and enjoyable installation. Your mass-deployment schedule just became a bit more realistic.

Support for almost any display

Don’t let the trend towards large displays complicate your deployments. Heckler AV Wall Structure supports 65-inch to 98-inch displays with a variety of VESA mounting patterns from 300mm to 900mm.

Support for most anything.

We’ve constructed Heckler AV Wall Structure like a tank. A mix of 12-gauge, 10-gauge, and quarter-inch-thick steel - with continuous welds - this structure is your reliable infrastructure for years to come. Anchored to your wall studs to prevent forward tipping - your installations create virtually no wall damage. Keep your organization ready to adapt to changing floor plans and office moves.

Support for safe display installations

Your displays install to Heckler AV Wall Structure reliably and safely at many different heights. Our heavy-duty display rails are ready for a wide range of display sizes. And our hook-engagement solution prevents unintentional display removal.

Support for easy shipping

Despite its heavy-duty construction, Heckler AV Wall can be shipped via small package carriers just about anywhere in the world. Perfect for global standardization for all of your meeting spaces. Have a mass deployment? Up to ten structures can be efficiently shipped on a single pallet.

Support for all of your configurations

With a Heckler AV Wall Structure installed in your meeting spaces, you have the flexibility to configure each space for video meetings and collaboration. The Heckler AV Wall product family includes an ever-growing assortment of accessories like Video Meeting Kit, Dual Display Kit, and Controller Mount, in a variety of colors.