Kensington MicroSaver cable lock

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Kensington MicroSaver cable lock for use in combination with Tabdoq and Heckler iPad stands. Also suitable as portable lock for laptops, notebooks, external hard disks, and other Kensington compatible hardware. The high flexibility allows freedom of movement and is ideal for temporary set-ups.
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  • Length: 1,8 meter
  • Thickness: 5 mm


0,2 kg


Steel, carbon

Kensington Microsaver Kabelslot
Kensington Microsaver Kabelslot Kensington Microsaver Kabelslot
Product informatie

Kensington Microsaver K7564018D cable lock for secure usage of your tablet kiosk. Compatible with Tabdoq and Heckler counter kiosk, and other Kensington compatible hardware. The Kensington MicroSaver lock is designed to protect your iPad kiosk against theft, while maintaining freedom of movement.

MicroSaver features

The MicroSaver cable lock is 1,8 meters long, 5 mm thick, and carbon reinforced for extra protection. On one side is the mounting loop, and on the other side is the so-called Kensington MicroSaver lock head. The lock head can freely rotate, thus maintaining flexibility and freedom of movement for your iPad kiosk. The Kensington MicroSaver gets delivered with two keys included.

MicroSaver usage

The Kensington MicroSaver security lock is designed to easily secure laptops, tablet kiosk, and other hardware. The cable is 1,8 meters long, and carbon reinforced for extra security. Snap the cable lock in place, and you have secured your workspace. The MicroSaver contains a tamper resistant disc-style lock on one side, and a mounting loop on the other. Secure the loop around a table leg, counter, or any other immovable object. Also compatible with laptops, notebooks, monitors, printers, and other hardware, as long as they contain a Kensington compatible mounting hole.