Tabdoq stand for iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch

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This iPad stand is designed for the new iPad 10 and is intended for business use such as hospitality and retail. The stand for iPad 10 is perfect for point-of-sale and very suitable for use as a stand for an iPad POS system or in combination with a mobile payment system.

This Tabdoq iPad stand is suitable for the iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch. Also available for iPad 10.2-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Pros and cons

+  This product is manuafactured in Europe
+  Perfect fit for the iPad 10
+  All ports, buttons and the camera are easily accessible
+  The iPad can dissipate its heat well
-  The USB power cable is visible at the back

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  • Apple iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch


  • Width: 296 mm
  • Height: 180 mm
  • Depth: 160 mm


  • 2,2 kg


  • Powdercoated steel
Tabdoq stand voor iPad 10 - 10.9-inch
Tabdoq stand voor iPad 10 - 10.9-inch Tabdoq stand voor iPad 10 - 10.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad 10th generation 10.9-inch
Product informatie

Designed for businesses

For many businesses, especially restaurants, bars, cafes and shops, the iPad has become an indispensable tool. The iPad is increasingly used in the hospitality industry and retail as a cash register system for shops or as a checkout point at restaurants, bars, mobile shops, etc. But service companies also improve their productivity by using iPads for reservation systems, customer satisfaction and other automation.

For the entrepreneur who wants to use his iPad 10 for business and therefore often intensively, a professional iPad enclosure is indispensable. The Tabdoq iPad stand is specially designed for these demanding users.

Easy to operate

When used frequently, it is very important that the iPad is easy to operate. The Tabdoq iPad stand is at an angle of 45 degrees so that the iPad can always be operated properly. In contrast to other iPad holders, all buttons and connections are accessible with this Tabdoq iPad stand. The power button, volume buttons and USB-C port remain fully accessible when the iPad is in the holder.

Protected all around

The Tabdoq iPad stand is made of powder-coated steel and protects the iPad all around. The sturdy iPad holder is very stable and can take a beating. Designed to protect the iPad Pro as much as possible against external influences.


In many companies, especially in the hospitality and retail industry, the iPad is given a prominent place on the counter or at the checkout. The Tabdoq stand for iPad has a minimalist design with rounded corners that closely resemble the round shape of the iPad itself. The iPad holder is finished with a high-quality powder coating with a matte structure so that fingerprints are not easily visible.


To protect the iPad against theft, you can mount the iPad stand with screws or secure it with an optional Kensington cable lock.