Tabdoq stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

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This iPad Pro stand is designed for commercial use such as in restaurants and shops. For entrepreneurs who want to use the large, clear screen of the iPad Pro, this is the ideal point-of-sale iPad stand. Great for use as part of your iPad POS systems and checkout points with mobile payment systems.

The Tabdoq iPad Pro stand is compatible with iPad Pro 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation 12.9-inch

Pros and cons

+  This product is manufactured in Europe
+  Inexpensive alternative to the Heckler WindFall stand
+  All ports, buttons and the camera are easily accessible
+  The iPad can dissipate its heat well
-  The USB power cable is visible at the back

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  • Apple iPad Pro 3th generation 12.9-inch
  • Apple iPad Pro 4th generation 12.9-inch
  • Apple iPad Pro 5th generation 12.9-inch
  • Apple iPad Pro 6th generation 12.9-inch


  • Width: 330 mm
  • Height: 205 mm
  • Depth: 190 mm


  • 2,7 kg


  • Powdercoated steel
Tabdoq iPad Pro stand
Tabdoq iPad Pro stand Tabdoq stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch Tabdoq stand for iPad Pro 12.9-inch
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Tailored for Business Entrepreneurs

The iPad has become an essential piece of technology for numerous businesses within the hospitality and retail sectors. Ranging from restaurants and bars to mobile shops, the iPad Pro is frequently employed as a cash register system or checkout point. Moreover, service-oriented businesses like hairdressers and salons have experienced increased productivity by utilizing iPads for reservation systems and other automated processes.

For entrepreneurs seeking to harness the power of the iPad Pro for their businesses and expecting extensive usage, a reliable and professional iPad Pro holder is a must-have. The Tabdoq iPad Pro stand has been specifically engineered with this purpose in mind.

Effortless Operation

For businesses that heavily rely on the iPad Pro, seamless operation is crucial. The Tabdoq iPad Pro stand positions the device at a 45-degree angle, ensuring optimal readability and ease of use. This ergonomic design provides unhindered access to all buttons and connection ports, including the power button, volume controls, and the USB-C port, even when the iPad is secured in the holder.

Durable Protection

Constructed from high-quality powder-coated steel, the Tabdoq iPad Pro stand offers all-around protection for the device. This robust holder is designed to withstand rough handling and maintain stability while safeguarding the iPad Pro against external damage.

Sophisticated Aesthetics

Considering that iPads often occupy a prominent location on counters or cash registers in many businesses, the appearance of the stand is of great importance. The Tabdoq iPad Pro stand boasts a minimalist design with rounded corners that mirror the contours of the iPad Pro itself. The powder coating features a fine matte texture that resists fingerprint marks, ensuring a clean and professional look.

Anti-Theft Security

To deter theft, the iPad stand can be securely fastened to a table or counter with screws or protected using a Kensington cable lock. This additional security measure safeguards both the iPad and the stand against potential theft.